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Are thermal blinds any good?

With the popularity of bi-fold doors rising it was only a matter of time before heat loss was noticed. Here at Bakers Blinds we offer various styles of blinds that are suitable for use on bi-fold doors. One of these types is pleated thermal blinds that are ideal to lock in heat within the room and keep a consistent room temperature. So the answer to this question is yes thermal blinds are a brilliant option if you have experienced heat loss due to bi-fold doors.


Thermal Pleated Blinds for BiFold Doors

The DuoLuxe Thermal pleated blinds are perfect for BiFold doors as they act like a thermal barrier at your window, making them the ultimate energy/money saver!

Pleated Blinds for BiFold Doors

Our collection of non thermal pleated blinds were designed with uPVC & aluminium BiFold doors in mind, giving you complete light control in a few easy steps. Let us transform your bi fold doors today!

What blinds are best for bifold doors?

We find that the answer to this question is generally down to personal preference. We offer blinds for bi-fold doors in the following styles; pleated, aluminium venetians (perfect fits), wooden venetians (perfect fits) and roller (perfect fits). Sometimes due to the hardware and the setup of the bi-fold doors perfect fits are simply not an option. In this case we would always recommend a vertical is placed in front of the doors or possibly separate rollers for each pane of glass.

March 2021 Update - We also now offer motorised electric blinds that look amazing when paired with bi fold doors. Our motorised range can be battery powered or hardwired.

If you are still unsure which blind is best for your bi-folds then give us a call today or click here to book a free home visit.

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